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Cantonese City Campaign


In order to preserve Cantonese, our mother tongue in Hong Kong and traditional Chinese characters, our basic components of writing, we are launching the Cantonese City Campaign. We are going to launch a series of activities to arouse the attention of the society. We invite schools, companies and organisations to support this campaign. 

Interested parties please contact us now! 


Living Lamma is one of our supporters. Jo Wilson, the Chairlady, started the Hong Kong Clean Up Marathon on 21st September, 2014. The Marathon will last for 42 days. She spoke Cantonese to ask Hong Kong people to give a hand to clean the beaches on Lamma Island.  

Supporting Units:



  • Sing-Sing Cantonese Course + Contest

  • Cantonese Course for Domestic Helpers

  • Cantonese Course for Parents

  • Positive Cantonese

Call: 92816938
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