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Panda Cantonese Academy: 

Panda Cantonese Academy was established in the autumn of 2013. We aim at providing assistance for our non-Cantonese speaking friends at any age to live, study or work happily in Hong Kong. Also, we provide a wide range of services to those students who want to overcome language barriers to pursue their dreams. 

Your Cantonese Tutor:

Dilys Shiu was born in Hong Kong. She is the founder of Panda Cantonese Academy. Also, she is a very experienced Cantonese tutor who has taught students aged from 1 to 75 since 2008. She has taught students from over 20 countries including United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, United States, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. They are from all walks of life with different education backgrounds.


She studied her Bachelor's Degree of Communication (Major in Chinese Journalism) at Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong and her Master Degree of Management at Loughborough University in United Kingdom. She loves learning languages and is eager to understand different cultures. Currently, she is learning different languages and started the "Multilingual Music Project" in 2018. She completed the first stage with 10 songs in  2021. She also formed a group called "The Sound of Lamma" with her local students in October, 2019.


To her, Cantonese is very interesting and is definitely a language that people have to learn if they stay in this fascinating city, Hong Kong. She tries to make Cantonese an easy-to-learn language for her students. She is innovative by applying different multi-media elements and music in teaching. Her vision is to spread the seeds of Cantonese around the world by teaching more non-native Cantonese speakers.


Work Experience:

Having profound professional knowledge and extensive operational experience in mass media, education and business, Dilys is able to help her students to get the most from the classes in an effective and fun learning way. 

  • Producer Assistant - Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)

  • Script Writer - Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)

  • Assistant of the Headmistress - Creativity Kindergarten

  • Head of the Customer Service Department - Chinese Cyber Bookstore 

  • Manageress of Reggio Emilia "The Hundred Languages of Children" Exhibition (A Project funded by Quality Education Fund) - World Organisation for Early Childhood Education (OMEP-HK) (Hong Kong - Italy)

  • Regional Coordinator - Virtual University (Hong Kong -Europe)

  • Marketing Consultant & Course Facilitator - Institute of Education, London Univeristy (U.K.)

  • Financial Planner and Unit Manageress - A.I.A. (Hong Kong)

  • Assistant of the General Manager - B&C Footwear Company Limited (China)

  • Hong Kong Based Journalist & Senior Business Representative - Asia Footwear Association Asia Footwear News (China)



  • Best Performance "School-Company Partnership" (2004-5- presented by The Young Enterpreneurs Development Council (Hong Kong)

  • Outstanding Professional-Silver Award 2006 - presented by Asia-Pacific Outstanding Professional Association (Hong Kong)


Presentation of Best Performance 'School-Company Award" by the Chairlady of The Young Enterpreneur Council

Interview @ Commercial Radio Hong Kong with our school partners and the Chairlady of The Young Enterpreneur Council


"The Attitude Of Learning"


Is there anything in the world difficult?

If you do it, the difficult task will become easy.

If you don't do it, the easy task will become difficult.

Gifts from our Panda students! Thank you so much! You're very kind!

Boundless  Learning

There are different options for lessons:


1. Students' home or office (face-to-face)

2. Zoom/ Skype/ Whatsapp (on-line)

Please send us an email if you need further assistance:

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